Ridley AquaFeed: Marine Float Range

Marine Float Range

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Designed for pond, tank and raceway operations this floating feed is designed with Barramundi in mind but is suitable for any species with a high energy requirement.  Proven effective for healthy growth. The diet of choice on Australian Barramundi farms.

Indicative Composition
Fish meal, oils of marine, terrestrial or vegetable origin, cereals, animal and vegetable protein meals, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, mould inhibitor


Nutritional Declaration

 Crude Protein (%)a 45
 Crude Fat (%)a 20
 Nitrogen Free Extract (%)b 16
 Fibre (%)b 2
 Ash (%)b 9
 Phosphorus (%)b 1.3
 Gross Energy (MJ/kg)b 21.29
 Digestible Energy (MJ/kg)b

a = Declared Value, b = Indicative Values
*Values for 10 mm diet

Pellet Size Guide

 Fish size (g) Pellet Size
1-6 Nutragard Start Sink 1.5mm
4-15   Nutragard 2mm
10-75 Nutragard 3mm
50-175 4 mm
 350-750  6 mm
750-1500  8 mm
 1500-2500  10 mm