Prawn Hatchery Feeds: FRiPPAK PL FEEDS


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The FRiPPAK PL / RW FEEDS are complementary with the FRiPPAK FRESH larval diets. These feeds are designed for high output post-larval prawn cultures as stand-alone diets or or for co-feeding with Artemia nauplii. 4 different size classes to suit feeding up to PL-20.

FRiPPAK PL / RW FEEDS consists of a range of 4 diets designed for high output post larval cultures, either as a stand alone diet or for co-feeding with live feed. The different diets within the range contain all the necessary amino acids, essential lipids, vitamins, carotenoids, minerals and immunostimulants that are necessary to produce optimal post larval quality and resistance.

  • Significantly increases growth and improves disease resistance
  • Highest quality fry with high, reliable survival rates
  • Incorporates state-of-the-art scientific findings on immune response stimulation and larval digestion
  • Manufactured using the most advanced feed process technologies available today
  • Tested intensively on penaeid shrimp species in our test centres and continuously proven at customer sites across the world.

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