Prawn Hatchery Feeds: FRiPPAK FRESH


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Setting the bench mark for advanced larval prawn nutrition, the FRiPPAK FRESH range contains fresh and natural ingredients. The FRiPPAK FRESH range is designed to replace up to 65% of the live feed during the larval and early post larval culture of penaeid shrimp species. The microcapsules consist of 70% marine ingredients, most (around 85%) of which are applied as freshly frozen raw materials rather than meals. This ensures a better utilization of key ingredients and takes full advantage of the high nutritional value and attractiveness of the marine ingredients.

  • Significantly increases growth and improves disease resistance
  • Highest quality fry with high, reliable survival rates
  • Incorporates state-of-the-art scientific findings on immune response stimulation and larval digestion
  • Manufactured using the most advanced feed process technologies available today
  • Tested extensively on penaeid shrimp species in INVE Aquaculture's test centres and proven continuously at customer sites across the world.