Live Food Culture and Enrichment: SELCO Enrichments

SELCO Enrichments

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SELCO S.presso

S.presso is an innovative liquid enrichment feed for Rotifers and Artemia. It has been developed through extensive research and based on extensive experience and knowledge about larval nutrition. 

  • Contains only the finest raw materials
  • Made with a special suspension - emulsion technique. This enables the insertion of a number of beneficial ingredients, as well as a high DHA/EPA ratio (higher than 7).
  • Very flexible tool that can be used in multiple enrichment strategies (depending on specific conditions and choice)

A1 DHA SELCO is a liquid enrichment feed for Artemia nauplii. The application of this product to live INSTAR II Artemia nauplii for a duration of 24 hours will significantly increase their levels of: n-3 HUFA and DHA, creating a highly nutritious feed for your fish or prawns.

  • Enriches up to 500 nauplli per ml with a high DHA value