Health Management: Sanocare ACE

Sanocare ACE

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INVE's Sanocare ACE is a new and improved Artemia disinfection tool. Used during hatching and enrichment it conditions the hatching/enrichment media for optimal hatch-out/enrichment and gives a significant suppression of bacteria. Sanocare ACE means CLEANER and STRONGER newly hatched Artemia nauplii are produced ensuring optimal enrichment when using INVE SELCO's.

This product replaces Sanocare Hatch Controller in the INVE range. Some benefits over Hatch Controller are listed below:
  •  Made of only natural products, mainly herbal origin
  • Not toxic (harmful) to the environment and to the people using it
  • Acts as an anti-foaming agent
  •  Has buffering capacity: it corrects your pH, very important during hatching and enrichment
  • Increases enrichment levels in the artemia: HUFA and DHA/EPA ratio => mainly due to the synergism created by the tee tree oil present in its composition
  • Will not harm any of the HUFA present in the enrichment. Hatch Controller oxidised some of the HUFA content.
  • Application rate is 500 ppm during hatching and/or enrichment.