Fish Hatchery Feeds: O.range - NURSE

O.range - NURSE

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Slow sinking Nursery Pellets, O.range is INVE's premium hatchery feed line formulated with only top quality ingredients specifically for juvenile fish. The NURSE "P" Range are pellets which are free of dust and do not leach when thrown into the water. Made from only the best, highly digestible marine proteins and containing optimal n-3 HUFA and DHA/EPA levels.

O.range offers a flexible choice between size and formulation, with homogeneous particle distribution in every size. It represents a nutritional strategy consisting of 3 formulation blocks that are perfectly compatible and integrated. Each block contains specific ingredients to go with the age of the larvae, post larvae and fry:

O.range NURSE

An easy to use and highly professional diet that represents a natural feed transition to the pre-ongrowing and ongrowing stages. Free of dust and with optimal nutritional properties.

Orange Typical Composition