Fish Hatchery Feeds: O.range - NURSE

O.range - NURSE

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O.range is INVE's new premium hatchery feed line formulated with only top quality ingredients specifically for fish larvae. It is a micro-particulated product which is free of dust and does not leach when thrown into the water. Made of only the best marine proteins and containing optimal n-3 HUFA and DHA/EPA levels.

Because it represents a complete feed line, O.range offers a flexible choice between size and formulation, with homogeneous particle distribution in every size. It represents a nutritional strategy consisting of 3 formulation blocks that are perfectly compatible and integrated. Each block contains specific ingredients to go with the age of the larvae, post larvae and fry:

O.range NURSE

An easy and highly professional diet that represents a natural feed transition to the pre-ongrowing and ongrowing stages. Free of dust and with optimal nutritional properties, O.range Nurse is certainly more than just a nursery feed.

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