Fish Hatchery Feeds: NRD


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NRD is a top performing dry marine diet featuring increased digestibility and optimal metabolizable energy content. The product is configured in a way that it pays special attention to the nutritional need of both larvae and post larvae of marine species. This is achieved through the careful selection of only the highest quality raw materials, as well as state-of-the-art processing and production techniques to preserve the diet's nutritional integrity.

  • Highly metabolizable energy content from only the best protein sources
  • Allows fast growth, low FCR and a high "big/small" fish ratio
  • High protein content (57%), high HUFA and phospholipid content
  • Optimum amino-acid balance with high DHA/EPA ratio
  • Inclusion of Sanoguard Aquastim F, a dietary health supplement that improves resistance to stress and reduces diseases in fish.