Broodstock Feeds: Broodstock Feeds

Broodstock Feeds

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The nutrient turn-over and incorporation into gametes and eggs just before and during spawning means that a high quality brood stock feed becomes of paramount importance.

LANSY Breed Essential 16mm Pellets will satisfy the broodstocks preference for large feed chunks without the drawbacks of using fresh feed (disease vector, dubious quality, availability).

  • As an off the shelf diet the nutritional quality is guaranteed and constant every time
  • Well balanced, highly palatable and digestible soft pellet
  • High DHA/EPA ratio
  • Disease free
  • Just right for Big Barra!

LANSY Fish Breed-M Concentrate Powder has similar characteristics as the 16mm pellet but with the flexibility to make your own pellets. Decreases or even eliminates the use of fresh feed, reducing the infection risk for the broodstock.

  • A concetrated powder produced with the finest raw materials
  • Contains an optimal balance of nutrients, fish proteins and fatty acids
  • Easy to handle: simply mix with water to produce a stable, moist paste or moist sausages.