Artemia: SEP-Art Magnetic Harvestors

SEP-Art Magnetic Harvestors

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SEP-Art Magnetic Artemia Cysts are hatched in exactly the same way as regular cysts. At harvest, the hatching medium (containing nauplii, cysts and cyst shells) is concentrated in a reduced volume using a submerged screen or net. Subsequently, shells and full cysts are attracted to the magnets and can be separated from the hatching water by removing the magnets and cysts from the Artemia suspension. Cleaning the device and repeating the handling allows the user to separate all cysts from the nauplii, obtaining a pure nauplii concentrate. The harvested and pure nauplii are further treated according to the hatchery’s normal protocols (rinsing, disinfection, cold storage, enrichment…)

Harvesting methods using SEP-Art Handy Mag:

Method 1: direct harvest
Suitable for small hatching volumes
Small tanks can be harvested without any specific preparation. After hatching is complete, simply separate the cysts from the nauplii by inserting the SEP-Art HandyMag tool into the hatching tank. Repeat the handling until all cysts are collected and a pure nauplii suspension is obtained.

Method 2: after concentration
Suitable for small to relatively large hatching volumes

1. Discontinue the aeration upon completion of the hatching. Preferably cover the tank.
2. Allow the empty shells to rise in the hatching suspension for around 5 minutes. Simultaneously, the nauplii and the full and unhatched cysts will accumulate near the tank’s outlet.
3. Harvest the hatching tank (excluding empty shells floating at the surface) in a net or other collecting device.
4. Transfer the collected nauplii and unhatched cysts to a concentrator-tank and add clean seawater to about 10% of the initial hatching volume, applying strong aeration.
5. Submerge the SEP-Art HandyMag for about 1 minute in the concentrated suspension (until fully loaded with cyst shells and empty cysts).
6. Withdraw the loaded SEP-Art HandyMag from the Artemia suspension and remove the attached cysts and shells from the surface of the magnets with a gentle water flow (collect in a separate net for later disposal).
7. Apply steps 5, 6 and 7 until the Artemia nauplii suspension is free from cysts and a pure Artemia nauplii suspension is obtained.