Artemia: SEP-Art Magnetic Artemia SEPARATOR

SEP-Art Magnetic Artemia SEPARATOR

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SEP-Art GSL Magnetic Artemia cysts should be hatched in exactly the same way as normal GSL Artemia Cysts. At harvest, the hatching water (containing Artemia nauplii and shells) is run through the SEPARATOR at a flow rate of 8-10 L/min. Shells are attracted to the magnets inside the tube and thus separated from the Artemia Nauplii which pass freely through the tube. The pure Artemia are then collected at the end of the tube.




Parts and Assembly

1) Open the packaging and remove the long tube (T1).
2) Take out the magnet assembly (M) from the tube (T1) and place aside, away from any iron objects.
3) Connect the tubes (T1 & T2) with the elbow coupling (E).
4) Attach the stainless steel support (S) to the tube (T1) at the indicated position (P).
5) Place the magnet assembly (M) back into the tube (T1).
6) Connect the reducing coupling (R) to the tube (T1).

IMPORTANT NOTE - When the magnet assembly is outside the tube take extra care not to damage the rubber coating surrounding each individual magnet. Damaging the rubber coating will cause irreversible corrosion and destruction of the magnets.

Harvesting Methods

Before harvesting through the SEPARATOR device fill it with clean water. Once harvest has been started DO NOT MOVE the SEPARATOR or you will dislodge cysts that have been trapped by the magnets.

Method 1: Direct Harvest 
Suitable for small hatching volumes (up to approx 1 ton volume).

Small tanks can be harvested without any specific preparation. Simply drain the entire hatching tank contents through the SEPARATOR at a rate of 8-10 L/min.

Method 2: Partial, in-tank Separation
Suitable for large hatching volumes (over 1 ton volume).

The capacity of the SEPARATOR largely increases when the empty cyst shells are prevented from draining out of the hatching tank. This can easily be achieved by a partial separation inside the hatching tank:

1) After the hatching is complete turn off the aeration and cover the top of the tank to prevent light entering.
2) Allow the empty shells to rise in the hatching suspension (the majority will float) for around 5 minutes. Simultaneously, the nauplii and the full, unhatched cysts will accumulate near the tanks outlet.
3) After the 5 minute separation period, drain the accumulated Artemia nauplii and unhatched cysts through the SEPARATOR at a rate of 8-10 L/min.
4) Unhatched cysts will be trapped by the magnets and pure Artemia nauplii can be collected from the SEPARATOR outlet.
5) Continue draining the tank until only a small volume remains in the tank containing the concentrated, floating empty shells.

Rinsing and Storing the SEPARATOR

After Harvesting the tank some Artemia nauplii may remain inside the SEPARATOR. These Artemia nauplii can be flushed out by running clean seawater through the SEPARTAOR at a rate of 8-10L/min. 

Once you have collected all the Artemia nauplii the SEPARATOR should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected so it is ready for its next use:

1) Invert the tube into a waste water storage area as it will be full of unhatched cyst and shell waste.
2) Flush the SEPARATOR with clean water until the water runs clear.
3) Carefully remove the magnet assembly and place on a rubber pad or similar to prevent damage to the rubber magnets casings.
4) Rinse any remaining cysts from the magnet assembly with clean water.
5) Replace the magnet assembly into the SEPARATOR and apply disinfectant, allow to stand while the disinfectant works.
6) Flush out disinfectant then allow to dry. Finally store in a safe place.