Artemia: SEP-Art GSL Magnetic Artemia Cysts

SEP-Art GSL Magnetic Artemia Cysts

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New generation of Artemia Cysts for complete separation and harvest of high energy Artemia nauplii without decapsulation. Requires the use of the SEP-Art Separator Tube or New HandyMag which are strong passive magnets that attract the iron coated shells leaving pure nauplii after harvest. 

These cysts have the same characteristics as the regular GSL Artemia Cysts but they have been treated with SEP-Art Technology. This is not a new cyst strain, but a magnetic coating on the cyst which gives new characteristic to the cysts that are unique in the aquaculture industry: 

  • 100% Harvested from Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA
  • Complete and perfect separation of the nauplii by means of a set of passive magnets. 
  • The magnetic coating is 100% safe and environmentally friendly. 
  • Perfect separation: less than 0.1% of the cysts remain in the water
  • Environmentally friendly: no use of chemicals
  • Maximized output: 100% pure and healthy nauplii 
  • Easy to use: requires a lot less work and energy than traditional separation methods.

*These SEP-Art Artemia Cysts require the use of the SEP-Art HandyMag in order to separate the cysts after harvest.  

Batch Details

 Item Code  Product Name  Nauplii per gram (NPG)
 110706  Artemia EG SEP-Art >210 NPG 10kg Carton (2 x 5kg Alufoil Bags)  >210,000
 110705  Artemia EG SEPART >225 NPG 5.1kg Carton (12 x 425g Cans)  >225,000
 110703  Artemia EG SEPART >240 NPG 5.1kg Carton (12 x 425g Cans)  >240,000