Artemia: GSL Artemia Cysts

GSL Artemia Cysts

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INVE GSL Artemia Cysts originate from the Great Salt Lake, Utah - USA.

After processing, an extensive quality assessment is performed with each harvest being subjected to fingerprinting in order to categorize all important characteristics and parameters of the cysts (for example: hatching/enrichment kinetics, decapsulation, separation, contamination, fatty acid profile, biometrics, etc...)  

Based on the results of this fingerprinting, INVE Aquaculture grades and selects only the cysts that are best suited for use in fish or prawn hatcheries.

This process allows us to offer you high quality GSL Artemia cysts with the following characteristics:
  • Consistent quality and a certified output
  • Simultaneous hatching behavior
  • Excellent enrichment profile
Batch Details

 Item Code  Product Name  Batch #  Nauplii per gram (NPG)
105841 Artemia GSL A 425g 7117344865 230,825
 105842  Artemia GSL AA 425g 7118077766  246,757
 105843  Artemia GSL AAA 425g  7118077767  260,591