INVE Aquaculture

Primo Aquaculture are the exclusive distributors for INVE Aquaculture in the Australian/Pacific region.

A Short History of INVE

1983 - "Artemia systems n.v." is established as a spin-off company from the University of Ghent for the further development and commercialization of discoveries from the Artemia Reference Center. The product portfolio included the first Artemia cysts with quality guarantees, the pioneering live food enrichment products known as SELCO® and the dry larval feed range LANSY®.

1991 - The Belgian, family-owned INVE Group acquires "Artemia systems n.v." and founds INVE Aquaculture as a separate entity next to its already existing agriculture division. During that same year, INVE Aquaculture acquires Salt Lake Brine Shrimp as a first step in securing its own resources of Artemia cysts from the best available source: the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA.

1992 - INVE Aquaculture sets up its first production plant in Dendermonde, Belgium.

1993 - FRiPPAK is acquired from France Aquaculture (SANOFI) in order to strengthen its position in the shellfish industry.

1994 - First Artemia exploitations in Central Asia and China.

1996 - The INVE Service Centers are born in the main aquaculture markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Consequently, the INVE shop chains in Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian markets were set up as well.

1998 - Development of nutritional products for feed mills, including premixes and concentrates.

1999 - An important step is made to ensure the availablity of Artemia cysts: over 50% of the Artemia harvest rights in the Great Salt Lake are acquired.

2000 - The "Health" product line, aiming at disease prevention in aquaculture is set up.
2001 - Opening of the state-of-the-art production plant in Pichit, Thailand.

2002 - Inauguration of the new headquarters in Dendermonde, Belgium. Simultaneously, "INVE Technologies NV" was set up to really drive the focus on innovation.

2004 - The MOANA project as an independent entity for the production and supplies of improved black tiger seed.

2005 - Development of nutritional products for molluscs.

2007 - The INVE Group ceases to be a family owned business.

2009 - Launch of the SEP-Art Technology, a revolution in Artemia hatching.

2010 - Signs agreement with the Chinese integrator "Evergreen Group" as a way to enter the Chinese market.

2011 - Celebration of 20 years as part of the INVE Group.

TODAY - INVE Aquaculture is regarded as a pioneer and innovator in the aquaculture industry. With the aquaculture industry continuing to expand and change, the company's goal is to continue innovating the industry.


AQUI-S New Zealand Ltd.  

Primo Aquaculture are the exclusive distributors for AQUI-S in Australia.

AQUI-S New Zealand Ltd's goal is to enhance the quality and value of fish produced in the aquaculture and fishing industries with humane and cost effective products and services providing you with a high return on your investment.

Good Manufacturing Practice ensures quality:

Commitment to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for the production AQUI-S® at our plant in Lower Hutt, New Zealand means you and your fish are safe.  This standard provides specifications for the following areas of good manufacturing practice:

  • quality management
  • personnel
  • premises, plant and equipment
  • documentation
  • production
  • quality control
  • contract manufacture and analysis
  • complaints and product recall
  • internal audits
  • Qualified people with aquaculture experience
Our team are ready to provide technical support and tested solutions with their industry experience and appropriate university qualifications.

Quality research:

Research and Development is undertaken by Plant & Food Research Ltd at facilities located in Nelson, New Zealand, and in partnership with various companies, universities and government organisations around the world. To date harvesting applications for the salmon industry have been the major focus of the marketing drive. AQNZ is now actively searching for other applications in the finfish and shellfish industries moving away from a segmented approach to a more holistic view encompassing the use of AQUI-S® at any point of handling.  AQNZ focus is directed to providing the aquaculture industry with all the benefits of stress free management from  "fry to pan.


AQUI-S New Zealand Ltd is a private New Zealand company established in 1996. The company provide humane and cost effective products and services that enhance the quality and value of fish produced in the aquaculture and fishing industries.

CHENTA Precision Machinery

Primo Aquaculture are the exclusive distributors for CHENTA Paddlewheels in Australia.

CHENTA have more than 40 years experience in Mechanical Manufacturing and have applied all this knowledge to make the global markets most reliable gearboxes for Paddlewheel Aerators. Paired up with TECO motors the reliability of the CHENTA paddlewheel is unrivaled in the Aquaculture market place.